Machinery Export/Import

Boulder A.G. knows what it takes to run a successful business and finding value in robust experienced equipment makes sense. We have access to used machinery, local and worldwide export contracts. We can also help you get your equipment into the US market. Contact us for a quote.

New Machine Sales
Seed Conditioning

Offering USA made seed cleaners from A.T. Ferrell Clipper, Profile Industries motorized-spiral separators. Locally sourced FDA approved cleaning balls, replacement OEM spec new wood framed screens for Clipper, Westrup, Crippen et al machines, and rebuilding of Aluminum framed screens as well.

Free Lab Analysis of samples.

Spiral Core replacements for Westrup & Profile all at very competitive pricing.


The Boulder A.G. team has a deep understanding of negotiating pricing for machine parts and stocking and can pass along the value to our customers.

A focus on agriculture: perishable parts like screens, FDA screen cleaning balls and cleaning cubes, bearing, brushes - all are

manufactured locally offering lower pricing and delivery. Contact us for a quote today.

Controls Automation

Expertise and flexibility to meet our client's unique automation needs. UL508A custom control panels in quantity or one-off designs are available. Retrofit control packages. Contact us today for an engineered proposal.

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