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New Machines

Boulder A.G. is proud to represent the following suppliers:

  • A.T. Ferrell Clipper

  • Profile Industries

  • Premier

  • NoroGard Treaters

  • BoulderAG PolyBalls + Poly Cubes + Poly Sifting scrapers

  • BoulderAG Screens - build and rebuild

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OEM Sales Parts Support


The Boulder A.G. team has a deep understanding of negotiating pricing for machine parts and stocking with a focus on OEM replacement parts: seed and plastic/metal recycling cleaning screens. FDA screen cleaning balls and cleaning cubes are manufactured locally offering lower pricing and delivery. Contact us for a quote today.: sales@BoulderAGinc.com

Ball Trays + Cleaning Balls

Poly Balls are made locally and many common sizes are stocked for immediate delivery. 1" 1 3/8" for example. Custom sizes and tethered balls and one-off designs are available. Contact us today for an engineered proposal. Ball Trays are made in our own shop.

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